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Yoga Day

On Tuesday all of the children experienced a Yoga session, taught by professional yoga instructor, Helen Cartmell. We all had a wonderful time relaxing in the hall with soft music, candles and incense burning! Helen helped the children to learn about their breath and how important it is to breathe deeply, especially if feeling worried or angry. We then all tried out some basic moves, like the mountain or tree posture copying our class teachers who were at the front with Helen! At the end we got to relax again on our mats ready to go back to class peacefully, ready to learn! We hope that Helen will be able to come back again!

This activity was organised in the build up to Spirituality Day on Friday, where each class will set up an interactive activity based on the Christian Values of love, peace, forgiveness and respect. We hope to see you there after school 3.15 - 4!