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P.E Intent in relation to our Curriculum Drivers 

At Coppull Parish Church School we believe that Physical Education, Sport and Health are a vital part of our school, impacting on all areas of school life. At our school we provide many opportunities for pupils to become physically competent, confident and knowledgeable, across a vast range of activities in formal P.E lessons including gymnastics, dance, games, swimming, athletics and outdoor adventure activities. From the very start of school life at Coppull Parish we prioritise Physical Development, engagement and enjoyment in P.E and independence. We do this through the development of Fundamental Movement Skills which is continued into and throughout Key Stage One, this is then built upon in Key Stage Two when children can apply these skills confidently. We prioritise the development of the whole child and are passionate about our pupils having positive attitudes towards leading life-long, healthy, active lifestyles and embedding a sound knowledge and understanding of P.E, School Sport and Health. We promote physical activity throughout the day, through daily active minutes and active play at lunchtimes, utilising the important role of our playleaders. We provide an extensive and popular extra-curricular programme which enriches our P.E curriculum. 

Underpinned by the following Coppull Parish Curriculum Drivers:

Healthy Lifestyles

P.E constantly reinforces what it means to lead healthy active lifestyles. In all P.E lessons children learn how to warm-up safely and enjoy a diverse range of activities. Staff ensure that all lessons focus on children moving and developing their skills, knowledge and understanding through active P.E lessons. Each year group has a dedicated ‘Healthy Lifestyles’ unit culminating in a Parent/Carer Workshop where the children share what they have learnt. The highlight of the year is Health and Fitness Week, during which pupils are exposed to a huge variety of visitors and activities which we would not usually have the opportunity to do. Pupils, parents and staff are thoroughly engaged and inspired by this week. 


We are always looking for new activities to extend our curriculum, especially those which challenge stereotypes, for example involving the whole class in Cheerleading. P.E teaching is fully inclusive and all pupils, irrespective of age, gender, ability or special need are encouraged to participate to the best of their ability. Where pupils require extra support, this is provided both in the P.E lesson through differentiation and through bespoke intervention to help all children access the curriculum. Where children are particularly able, they are given opportunities to stretch themselves and coach others, they are also given extra challenge in P.E lessons, clubs and competitions through a Young Leader role. 

Mental Health and Wellbeing

Pupils at Coppull Parish know that P.E and physical activity is proven to improve mental health and wellbeing and as such all are keen to be involved, this is taught through new experiences such as Yoga within the P.E curriculum and specific lessons focusing on improving mental health through mindfulness, how to improve sleep and the effects of screen time. Our extra-curricular provision is planned to reach and involve all pupils and provide opportunities for enjoyment and spending time with friends sharing a common interest. 

Developing speech & language

Pupils are taught the correct terminology for all aspects of P.E, including apparatus and the equipment that they are using.  We expect pupils to describe what they have done and how they can improve.  Examples include, in gymnastics and dance pupils use peer evaluation to describe each other’s performances and how they can improve.  In games, pupils are expected to plan, follow rules and discuss tactics.   


P.E Curriculum map 2021-2022

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