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The intent of our school curriculum is to extend the children's knowledge of themselves and the world around them; to develop their skills, knowledge and ideas as individuals, and to help them relate to one another.

The curriculum in its full sense comprises all the opportunities for learning provided by the school.  It includes the formal programme of learning, based on the National Curriculum, which is supplemented with extra curricular activities and developed within a climate of positive relationships. In addition, our curriculum has been personalized with our own curriculum drivers and the values which come from our School Vision, to meet the needs of the children of Coppull Parish. Our curriculum drivers are: speech & language, diversity, mental health & wellbeing and healthy lifestyles. (Further information below).
Our curriculum recognises the  importance of personal, social, moral and spiritual development and the needs of individual children.  This calls for a carefully planned curriculum, which offers progression and continuity, and meets the needs of children of all abilities, providing the support and challenge they require to achieve their full potential.  We aim to create a happy school environment where children flourish academically; where they develop an enjoyment of learning, a curiosity about the world and everything in it; they develop the courage to try to new things, be resilient and overcome challenges; and are taught, through example, to live out the Christian value of compassion for everyone in God's world.
The monitoring of each child's progress is ongoing and will be discussed with parents at appropriate times during the year.

We comply with legislation (Equality Act 2010and Special Educational Needs and Disability Regulations 2014). Further specific information on the curriculum is within the class pages.  More detailed information about the specific aims and the provision made in each subject are freely available from the Headteacher.