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PE and Sports Premium

Evidencing the 'underspend' from 19-20 carried over to 20-21

Evidencing the impact of the Primary P.E and Sports Premium Funding 2019-20

PE Policy 2021-2022

Please read the information below which gives details of our PE and Sport Premium Grant for 2020-2021 and how we allocated the funding, this includes the impact we feel it has on pupils, staff and parents. We pride ourselves on spending our money very effectively and know that P.E, Sport and Health is at the forefront of all we do at Coppull Parish. Despite the lockdown last year and partial school closures we still ensured that our pupils were active and tried to promote a healthy lifestyle whether at home or at school , through our own teachers and P.E Leader initiatives, and by our P.E Lead liaising with local schools, local P.E advisors and the CSSP and Lancashire Games to promote weekly activities and competitions from home.

We also ran a 'virtual' sports day, through our Cluster schools P.E advisor, which not only promoted competition between the children, and the year groups within our school. but also competed against other local schools.....I am delighted to say - Coppull Parish won!  




Previously to last year we maintained the Gold School Games Mark 4 years running, with 18-19 being the most recent one, we hope to keep this up year on year! 

                                                               Image result for school games gold mark 18/19                                      




We are very pleased with the recognition for all of our hard work with P.E and Physical activity in our most recent Ofsted Report (December 2016) :


‘Your governors also ensure that sports funding has been spent to increase the

sporting provision within school. As a result, more pupils take part in a wide

range of sports and physical activities, for example, dodgeball, Zumba and ballet.

Parents and pupils value these opportunities.’




At Coppull Parish we are fully embracing the government recommendation of including 30 active minutes in our daily timetable (alongside 2 sessions of P.E a week).

KS2 take part in daily physical activity for 15 minutes a day after lunchtime, and EYFS/KS1 do this during their afternoon break at 2.30,  alongside ensuring physical activity during breaktimes, lunchtimes and throughout the day in between lessons (plus 2 hours of P.E a week). 






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