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Uniform Information

School Uniform

Our school colours are navy blue and tartan.

Girls: Tartan skirt, pinafore dress, or navy trousers, white polo shirt, navy blue cardigan or sweatshirt (Green in Year 6), summer dress (blue and white gingham only), white socks,  green or navy blue tights, black trainers.

Boys: Navy blue shorts or trousers, white polo shirt, navy blue sweatshirt (Green in Year 6), grey or dark socks, black trainers.

PE kit: Black Plimsolls, blue or black shorts, white t-shirt.


Please ensure all clothing brought into school have clear name labels.


*Please note: the only type of jewellery pupils are permitted to wear is a watch. We do not allow earrings of any kind to be worn in school, and hairstyles of an 'extreme' nature are also not appropriate for school. Thank you for your support with this.* 

Examples of Uniform.....