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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!

Welcome to Year 4 at Coppull Parish! We are a compassionate, curious and courageous class who tackle our work with optimism and love a challenge! Our teacher is Mrs Gill, who works alongside Mrs Preston to make our classroom an exciting and fun place to learn. 


Home Learning 

For the next few weeks, we are learning from home! We are making the most of being with our families by learning lots of skills that we might never have the chance to learn. Mrs Gill has set us lots of ‘extra curricular’ activities such as ‘baking’, ‘gardening’ and other things which support our mental health during this time. As well as this, Mrs Gill has given us a selection of tasks to choose from and sets us daily maths and English tasks through Google Classroom.

Check in at 2:45 every week day on Google Hangout for the next chapter of our class novel! 

Spring 2 

Welcome explorers! This half term we are becoming European Explorers to learn all about Europe. We will be reading the story 'Gulliver's Travels' to put ourselves in an explorer's shoes. We are also going to be looking into a local poet's poetry and creating our own versions. Check this space for updates throughout the term! 


Important days for this term...

Monday: Ukulele lessons with Mr Moss

Tuesday: P.E kits should be in for our P.E lesson. 

Thursday: Reading Records should be in to be checked/changed by Mrs Preston, spelling books in for spelling test, P.E kits should be in for our P.E lesson.

Friday: Times Table test

Other: Please remember we have 15 minutes of fitness a day with Mrs Lee and Mr Hedges and every child is required to have a pair of trainers in school.


Please have a look at our overview for a description of what we are covering this term, or our MTP for a more detailed description of the objectives we are covering.

Happy World Book Day!

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As part of our poetry theme for world book day, we created a poem and, in true Year 4 style, sang and recorded it for parents to see! Enjoy ‘Mrs Gill the Elephant’! 🐘

Our trip to see Billionaire Boy at The Winter Gardens theatre in Blackpool

This Week's Spellings and Times Tables...

Times Tables this week is 12x

Year 4 Spring 1 Medium Term Plan

Our Yearly Curriculum Overview


Have a look at our previous term's work!


Spring Term 1

This term we are learning all about THE SHANG DYNASTY OF CHINA! We are going to be looking the timeline of events from the beginning to the end of the Shang Dynasty, deep diving into their rules and laws, having a look at their way of life and how it differs, and anything that we still think about today. Putting our knowledge to the test, we will be creating a newspaper report based around one of the events...keep your eyes peeled!


Sticking with our ASIA theme, in English we are looking at the beautiful book called 'The Willow Pattern Story', we are looking at developing this story and adding dialogue. After this, we are pretending to report on our narratives and writing newspaper reports!

Inverted Commas!

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We are learning how to use inverted commas in our narrative work, so we decided to learn through song! Enjoy!

Spirituality week - Buddhism - Cooking Vegetarian Spring Rolls

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As part of our spirituality week, across school each class has taken a religion and learned all about the festivals, food and more! In Year 4, we learned all about Buddhism.

We spoke to Mrs Gill’s mother in law who is a Buddhist living in Thailand, who told us all about the food they eat. They like to be healthy and respect their bodies, as well as making sure their portions are small, light and often.

Fitting in with our Chinese topic, we decided to make spring rolls. Please enjoy our video showing the whole process.


As part of spirituality week learning about Buddhism, we had a FaceTime call from my Mother in law, Nala, who is a Buddhist living in Thailand, the children were all so respectful and had some lovely questions to ask about her religion. Well done Year 4 😊✨

Safer internet advice!

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For Safer Internet Day 2020, we talked all about how important it is to be nice and safe on the internet. We watched a video from the band ‘Musicalalternative’ who sang ‘bite you in the bum-bum-bum!’ And re-created it to show to other classes!

Year 4 Spring 1 MTP