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Windrush Day at Coppull Parish

We were delighted to welcome Adrian Morrell to Coppull Parish on Friday to tell us all about the Windrush Festival he was organising in Preston this weekend to commemorate Windrush Day. Adrian explained that people from the Caribbean came over to Britain after the Second World War to help rebuild the country and work in lots of industries, such as the newly formed NHS, mining and transportation, where we had a shortage of manpower. He showed the children lots of flags and asked them to identify the countries involved; and the children did fairly well at naming them. It made us all realise how many countries were involved and how multi-cultural Britain is, as a result of their arrival. He also explained that many British people had only seen black people in films, represented as caricatures or servants, and this contributed to the racism that many of the Windrush generation experienced when they arrived. Our children were shocked by this as they recognised that the arrivals were here to support our country and were treated unkindly and not appreciated for their contribution to society. Adrian reminded the children of the impact of the Caribbean community on our food, music and culture and then invited everyone to take part in the Windrush Festival at Avenham Park in Preston on Sunday. I am sure it will be a huge success and that lots of our children will attend. Here are some photographs of his visit.