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Visit from Runshaw College

On Friday 18th February, we were very lucky to be visited by a group of performing art students from Runshaw College.  They performed two plays for the whole school.

The first play was 'The Hare and the Tortoise', which we all really enjoyed.  Harry the Hare and Tom the Tortoise were loveable characters, who were both trying to win a running race.  The determination and effort from Tom ensured that he won the race and proved that anything is possible with a little effort.

'The Egyptians' was the second play, which centered around the clumsy and funny archeologists Howard and Arthur.  After dropping the ancient vase, they had to travel back in time to persuade Cleopatra to give them a replacement.  Lucky Cleopatra obliged and Howard and Arthur were able to replace it in time. 

Both plays were written by the students themselves, and we couldn't believe just how fantastic they were.  The costumes, scenery and props were also made by the group, and as you can see from the images below, they were fantastic too!

Thank you to our visitors from Runshaw College - what a wonderful afternoon!