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TOP SECRET: A Very Special Visitor...

On Monday 23rd June, we were all amazed when we received a special letter from FIFA regarding the World Cup trophy.


We haven't been able to share this amazing news with you until now, as we were under strict instructions from FIFA to keep it secret!


It's been very difficult to keep it to ourselves but we hope you all understand the security risk involved.


We can tell you though that the cup is making a ‘special journey’ across the world to Brazil ahead of the final match on July the 13th.

It is being 'loaned' to different school across the world and for three days, we were to ‘ADMIRE’ and ‘ASPIRE’ whilst the cup was in our possession.
Unfortunately, and quite worryingly, the cup did go missing overnight! As it was a matter of importance, Mrs Brennan did have to inform FIFA and the police about the disappearance.


To help the police with their investigation, we took photos of the crime scene, made 'missing' posters, gathered evidence on any mysterious events at school that week and wrote evidence sheets on our members of staff.


Thankfully, the thief (who still remains anonymous) handed the World Cup trophy in at Coppull Police Station the following day. Phew!


The police investigation is still open and maybe the thief will get caught eventually....
Meanwhile, all the children still have their own suspicions as to whom it could be so do ask them about it! I don't think we'll ever forget the time the World Cup came to Coppull Parish!