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The School Council Needs Your Help!

At Coppull Parish, we have decided to support Bijilo Lower Basic School in The Gambia during this coming year. 


Through the help of our School Council, Mr Bolam and Southlands High School we hope to support this school as much as we can. 
As you can see from the images below,
this school is very different to ours and they really would appreciate
any help that we could give them.

The first fundraising event organised by the School Council is a
non-uniform day on Friday 19th October.

Children are to bring in an item of stationery (new) as their
forfeit for the non-uniform day.

This could include
  • packs of pencils
  • erasers
  • pencil sharpeners
  • coloured/white reams and rolls of paper
  • coloured pencils and crayons
  • rulers
  • blu-tak
  • packs of chalk and board rubbers
  • paint, paintbrushes and paint pots
  • solar-powered calculators
  • scissors
Each class will be given a box to  fill - we wonder which class can collect the most items?
Members of the School Council hope that you will support us with this event and throughout the coming year.