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The Bishop of Blackburn presents our Fairtrade Award

Two years ago, we began our journey to become a Fairtrade school. Since then we have taken part in Fairtrade Fortnight, raised funds through Fairtrade coffee mornings, delivered assemblies about it, had a bake sale and some of the children even attended a Fairtrade conference. As a result of their endeavours, we have finally completed the 3rd stage of the the award and can now officially call ourselves a Fairtrade School. What a massive achievement - out of the 190 schools in Lancashire, we are one of the 8 which has achieved this status. When the Bishop of Blackburn heard about this, he arranged to come Coppull Parish and present us with our award. So this morning, we were delighted to welcome Bishop Julian, and Cath Greenless, who was the lady who introduced us to Fairtrade in the first place, to lead an assembly on generosity and present us with our award. Bishop Julian had a good look around the school, visiting every classroom and chatting to the children about their work. It was a lovely visit and a real honour to have the Bishop visit us at Coppull Parish. Well done to the original Ethos group, who started the ball rolling with the Fairtrade awards - we will keep the banner flying!