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Speeding Motorists Beware!

A few weeks ago, five police men and women came into the Year 6 class to give a talk about speeding. They told us about drivers not sticking to the 20mph speed limit
around Coppull... so we had a solution!


On Wednesday 30th January, the police split our class into groups of five. Then each group went out, one at a time, to Chapel Lane to watch out for speeding motorists.
When we spotted one using the speeding gun,
the police pulled them over and brought them over to us.
One by one, we asked them questions that we
had prepared in class. 
The questions were:
1)      Why were you speeding?
2)      Do you realise you are risking your own
and other people’s lives by speeding?
3)      Was the place you were going more
important than my life?
4)      Would you like to tell my parents you
knocked me over because of speeding?
5)      What is more important, my life or
where you are going?
The reason the police wanted the school children to talk to speeding drivers, instead of them giving them a fine was because we would hopefully make more impact on their view of driving.
Hopefully, adults will be more aware of the danger that threatens pedestrians from speeding in the future.


By Holly and Jessica (Year 6)