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School Council Newsletter

School Council Newsletter

Welcome to our first newsletter! The school council has been formed to help make our school an even better place to be. We will organise events for the school, help to raise money, listen to what pupils want in our school, and many more things.


We have our own display board in the school entrance – come and look at it to find out a little bit more about us all, the upcoming events we are planning to hold and place any suggestions you have for us in the box.

Our first school council event is going to be a Book Swap, held on Monday 16th December. The teachers held a very successful book swap last year and we are looking forward to holding another. What we would like everyone to do is donate a book to school that can be swapped with someone else. Here’s what to do:


  1. Look at the books you have at home
  2. Choose one that you have really enjoyed reading (and that you think other people in your class would like to read too)
  3. Bring it into school next week and give it to your class councillor
  4. We will put a special sticker in the front of it and get them ready for the Book Swap
  5. On the day, everyone will get a chance to go to the hall and choose a book that they would like to take home and read.


***If you would like to bring in more than one book, you are more than welcome to and we will add them to our class libraries for other children to enjoy – it is a good chance to clear out your bookcase to make room for the new toys Father Christmas will hopefully be bringing you ***


The school council will be bringing cakes in that will be available for you to buy at the book swap. There will be no prices on the cakes, but a donation will be greatly appreciated. The money raised will be used to buy some brand new books for the library that the whole school can enjoy. If anyone else would also like to contribute any cakes we would greatly appreciate it.

We really hope you can all bring in a book,

The School Council