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Primary Quiz at Southlands High School

The 22nd of September saw the return of the annual Primary Quiz at Southlands High School.

Children from Year 6 entered the quiz full of enthusiasm and made a great start!

First up was the science round. Alfie and Adam entered this round and magnificently used their knowledge of circuits to make four bulbs light up, in addition to answering some science-based questions.

The General Knowledge team, comprising of Ellie, Chloe, Macy and Megan, worked superbly together to answer a plethora of questions.

After week one, Coppull Parish lay 3rd out of the 11 teams in the league, although that could all change after the next few rounds in the coming weeks. Let's hope we can keep up the good work!

Many thanks to Mrs Corry who has been training the quiz team and also for attending this event with the children.