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Primary Engineer Special Leaders Award for STEM 2012

Today Year 6 received some very exciting news!

In Year 5, all the children applied to be Primary Leaders for STEM
(science, technology, engineering and maths), 
which meant that they would try to promote these subjects here at Coppull Parish.  In order to complete this award, the children interviewed many people from these four subject areas, finding out about their role and their careers.  Through the interviews, the children found out about possible careers they could go into, in addition to discovering the importance of learning and education for whatever path they decide to take!
All of the children in Year 5 qualified to become 
Primary Leaders for STEM which was a fantastic achievement. 
Well done Year 6!

However, if that wasn't exciting enough we discovered today
that two children in Year 6 won an extra-special
Primary Engineer Leader Award. 
Nathan Critchley and Amy Lowe were amongst the six overall winners for this national award.  Wow!


As a prize, Primary Engineer gave Nathan and Amy a book
token whilst the school received the Primary Bloodhound SSC recource pack.  They won this award for the quality of their interviews of Mr Dagley, who is a mechanical engineer.

Congratulations to all of Year 6 and in particular Nathan and Amy. 
We are very proud of you.