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One handed DAy

Year 5 have organized a 'One Handed Day' to fundraise for a crowdfunding event for Vinnie, a pupil in their class who was born with a limb difference and is hoping to get fitted with a bionic hand. In order for our children to experience the many challenges that Vinnie overcomes on a regular basis, Vinnie and his class have designed some tricky tasks for the children to complete 'one handed'. Every class have taken part and the children were really surprised at how difficult tasks can be without the use of both hands. Vinnie, who was running one of the games at the time, said that he is really excited that everyone is learning about the challenges and having a lot of fun. He hopes that we get plenty of sponsorship money in so that he can raise enough money for this much needed bionic hand. Well done Vinnie, Mrs Jones and Year 5 for such a great idea and wonderful effort to support this fantastic fundraiser.