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Olympic Day

On Wednesday 9th May
Coppull Parish School had an Olympic Day. 
It was so much fun.


Early in the morning we had an assembly from two men
telling us all about the London 2012 Olympics. 
One of the men was called Bernie and the other one Scott.

Later on that day they did a few sessions with some of the classes.  One of the things we did was an opening ceremony in which we had to wave flags.  Then they said everytime we answered a question we could have one gold medal.  Midway through the session we played some games.  A lot of the games were for working together and others on your own. At the end of the session I ended up with a grand total of 11 gold medals. 

We also found out some facts about the games...

 - The rings on the Olympic flag represent the five continents (America, Asia, Australia, Africa and Europe)
 - The first Olympic games was held in Athens which is in Greece
 - The Olympics will start in London on the 27th July
 - Many different venues are being used for the games including Old Trafford and Lords Cricket ground

Many thanks to our visitors from the Chorley Sports
Partnership for coming onto our school. 
The day was fantastic and I can't wait for the games to start!

By Kai Shorrock