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Non-Uniform Day in aid of Bijilo Lower Basic School in The Gambia

On Friday 19th October, Coppull Parish held a non-uniform day. 
Usually on non-uniform days we are asked to bring in some money,
but today was different. We had to bring in some stationery. 
Mr Bolam from Southlands High School organised the non-uniform day at Coppull Parish with the help of our school council. 
All the stationery that we collected here we will be sending to Bijilo Lower Basic School in The Gambia. Mr Bolam has rented a truck and container to take all the collected items to the school in The Gambia.
Mr Bolam came into our school for Sharing Assembly and he was amazed at just how much stationery each class had brought in. 
I wonder what the School Council has in store for us next?

By Reece, Y6


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