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Meet our Link School!

We have established a link between the children in our Year 5 class and a Year 6 class from St Peter's Church of England Primary School in Blackburn. We decided to do this to improve our children's understanding of Britain as a multi-cultural society, as many of them have not had an opportunity to mix with children from other faiths and cultures before and at St Peter's many of the children are Muslims and there were at least 3 nationalities represented in the class. The children have been writing to each other to learn more about each other, their families and way of life and, last week, the children had the opportunity to meet for the first time to take part in a day of drama activities. Mrs Davison and Mrs Gretton, who arranged the trip and accompanied them on their visit, said the children had a wonderful day, made some good friends and are really looking forward to visiting the children at St Peter's and for them to come to Coppull Parish and see what we are all about. We are all excited about our future visits.