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Harris Museum and Art Gallery Visit - Y3 & Y5

Amazing Art Adventure

On Thursday 19th January, Year 3 & Year 5 visited the Harris Museum and Art Gallery in Preston as part of the ART ATTACK topic.


During the day the children enjoyed a workshop entitled
‘Every picture tells a story’. 
During this workshop children were able to investigate relationships within paintings and bring them to life through drama and visual art.


The children were also able to explore the
Ceramics and Glass Gallery as well as the Costume Gallery. 

Whilst exploring the galleries, they were able to complete many activities and investigations linked to ceramics, glass
and patterns in costumes.


The children thoroughly enjoyed the whole day. 

We hope you enjoy reading some of the
children's comments about the trip.


I liked it when we went to the Glass Gallery because we saw pretty perfume bottles with designs on the glass.

My best bit was the costume gallery because I liked all of the different patterns on them. There were some stripy, spotty and some without a pattern at all.
Our trip to the art gallery was great! 
My favourite part was the workshop because of the acting, which I like. 
I had a great pose! 
My favourite part of the trip was the workshop with Gillian
and acting a painting out.    My best painting was ‘Escape from the Nile’.