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Extreme Reading Competition


At Coppull Parish Primary School we are always looking for new and exciting ways to celebrate the excellent reading our children do, both inside and outside of school.

   This year, in line with our World Book Day Celebrations, we are introducing an Extreme Reading Competition! This is where children are photographed reading in a place different from the norm. It could be anywhere from the beach, to a forest to under their bed! Obviously, we encourage the children to keep safe, but we are really looking forward to seeing who in school has such a passion for reading that they will do it anywhere.

      Please submit your entries to Mrs Clarkson on Class Dojo either in the Extreme Reading Competition folder on Class Dojo Portfolios or through Class Dojo messaging. You can enter more than one photo.

Entries for the competition will close on Monday 14th March. We will use the photos to create an Extreme Reading Display in our school library.

The class with the most entries will win a treat of their choice e.g. new books for their class library, an extra playtime with treats!

    Have fun!