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Excellence Exhibition

Coppull Parish is a wonderful school, but we never rest on our laurels, we are always trying to find new ways of making the school even better - a place of excellence. One of the ways we are doing this is by teaching the children to reflect critically on their work and through ‘kind, specific and helpful’ peer critique, to produce several drafts in order to make their work the best it can possibly be. During the first two weeks of term, our Year 1-6 classes were creating some fabulously creative art work, which they have improved through feedback, in order to produce work, they are truly proud of.


As a result of all their hard work, we held an ‘Excellence Exhibition’ today to showcase their amazing art work and, in some cases, show the progress from their starting points to the final display piece.  Families, friends, neighbours and the local community were all invited to join us, to see what a huge difference ‘not settling for your first attempt’ really makes.


Please take a look and judge the progress for yourselves.