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Dogs' Trust Assembly and workshops

Last week, we had a very special visitor in from The Dogs Trust. Andy delivered a wonderful assembly where we were told all about the work they do and he gave us some top tips on how to stay safe when in the company of dogs, particularly what do do when around unfamiliar dogs.

The children has a fantastic time in the work shops and learned lots of top tips that they would like to share with you:

1. When you approach an unfamiliar dog that you do not not know, ALWAYS ask your parents and the owner's permission BEFORE approaching the dog.

2. You must also allow the dog to approach you for a sniff too. Stand with your hands by your side and allow the dog to sniff and smell you, give them a choice. if they went you to stroke them they will let you know by wagging their tail or getting close. If they do not want you to touch them, they will return to their owner.

3. The safest way to stroke a dog in on its shoulders, never its head. If the dog likes it, they will then encourage an ear tickling or a tummy rub!!

4. The X FACTOR. If a dog comes to you and you feel scared, remain calm and cross your arms across your chest for 30 seconds. Close your arm and breathe. The dog will become bored because it is not getting any attention and move away.

Remember, don't act silly around dogs - dogs have feelings too!