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Coppull Parish learn about Fairtrade

Cath Greenlees visited Coppull Parish this week to tell the children all about the work of Fairtrade, which aims to give a fair deal to farmers around the world. She explained that by purchasing products with the Fairtrade logo on, we will helping poorer communities and ensuring that farmers get paid a minimum of £2.50 a day - which still doesn't seem much, but is a marked increase on what they were receiving previously. Cath then led workshops throughout the Juniors, before meeting with the Ethos group at lunchtime, to tell them a little bit about becoming a 'Fairtrade School'. The Ethos group feel quite strongly about supporting this cause and tackling poverty in these farming communities worldwide, so will be putting a case forward to the school's Governing Body to see if this is possible. Here are some photographs from the visit.