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Careers Week

This is Careers Week, so we have arranged for a few visitors to join us and tell the children all about their careers. On Monday morning, we had a visit from Jen, who is a copywriter, and Izzy, who is a marketing executive, from Buzz Education, to talk to the whole school about their careers. First of all, we explained that there are many different jobs and careers available to them when they leave school, but they need to make sure they choose something they enjoy doing and that they are good at and school can help them with this.


Jen and Izzy then explained what their jobs entailed and what skills and knowledge they needed to gain employment, and what subjects they needed to work hard at in order to do their job well. Our Kingdom Club also led a 'Who am I?' role play with the school, who did an excellent job of working out which careers they were portraying.


Afterwards, Jen led a workshop in our Year 5 class creating a holiday brochure, while Izzy led a workshop in Year 4 on persuasive advertising. Both classes are going to complete their projects and send it to Buzz Education for feedback.


We also had a fabulous visit from David from Community Rail, who delivered an important talk about rail safety before telling the children about all the varied careers on the railways: from drivers, engineers, cleaners, conductors, dispatchers and the people who work in the ticket offices. He also brought a range of outfits for the children to wear and explained each of the roles. What a great information session we had.


Our visitors and the follow up work we have had in class have definitely got the children thinking about what careers they might like in future and what skills and knowledge they need to acquire.