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An Amazing Visit to Robinwood!

30 children from Y5 and Y6 were very lucky to visit Robinwood this weekend for fun, sun and adventure! 


During our three days at Barhaugh Hall in Alston, we completed many different activities from canoeing, archery and not forgetting the freezing cold stream walk.
We managed to fit in 14 different activites in total which was brilliant!

Our Robinwood experience started with a lovely walk through the Pennine hills with our group leaders for Moorland Challenge. The weather was perfect, and not raining, which made a nice change!


Whilst at Robinwood, we took part in many activities which included

- Crate Challenge
- Climbing
 - Stream Walk
- Giant Swing
- Trapeze
- Zip Wire
- Caving

If you look at the photographs, you can see the many different activities that we took part in.


We had an amazing time at Robinwood.
Our excellent group leaders, Kyle, Bob and Adam were so supportive and funny and many of us, with their help, faced our fears, whether it was of heights, water or the dark. We felt so proud of ourselves and couldn't believe what we achieved. 


We all had such an incredible weekend at Robinwood and really didn't want to leave!

Once back at school, we wrote thank you letters to our group leaders and completed large paintings of the activities that we took part in. 
We think our school displays look great - what do you think?