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Amazing Archery

Today, Stuart, an archery fanatic, made a special visit to our school to show us a new skill.


Firstly, he gave a talk about all the different bows that have been constructed through the generations, such as long bows and the compound bow.

He explained that the most expensive bow, a precurved bow, could cost you around £4000, whereas you could get one for around £100.

After that he told us some interesting facts. He explained that over 5000 archers were needed at the Battle of Ajencourt. The enemy thought that the sun had been blocked out because of all of the arrows in being fired! Over 60,000 arrows were fired per hour during the battle.  Amazing!


Lastly, he took each class outside to take some aims at targets using an Olympic bow.  The highest score you could have got was 30 points, although the highest score in Year 6 was 24. 

I hope you enjoy reading about our fun archery as much as we did doing it!

By Sophie, Year 6