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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!


Our topic for the Autumn Term is Amazing Africa! We have started by reading the text Journey to Jo'berg, and we have lots of exciting African themed art work planned for the next few weeks. 

African Art

African Art 1
Year 5 & 6 children joined forces to create these fantastic pieces of African inspired artwork. First, they selected an African animal and sketched it based on images found on the internet. Then, they outlined this with black glue, before a final watercolour wash to complete. They made frames using pastels inspired and based upon Ndebele Art patterns

Autumn Term Topic Plan

The teachers in Year 5 are Mrs Jones and Mrs Bridge, and we are supported by Mrs Ruler and Mrs Tyrer.


Are you on our Class Dojo?? Keep up to date with our learning throughout the day. We are using Class Dojo to keep you updated with your own child's learning through their 'Class Story', and should you need to get in touch with either of us, a quick message on Dojo is the easiest way. 

Homework in Year 5 is not given on a particular day. Instead the children are given a homework diary and should record their homework in this when it is given. This is in preparation for year 6 and high school. 


Spellings are individual to your child, and will be given out on a Thursday. Your child will create their own spelling list, from words they have struggled to spell in their work at school. This means that they are always learning words they need. If they don't have words from their work, they'll choose words from the Statutory Spelling lists. You can find a copy of these at the bottom of this page. :) 

Please ensure your child is bringing their homework diary and reading books into school every day. They will need help and support from home to organise themselves with this.

Every mistake you make is PROGRESS.

Every mistake you make is PROGRESS. 1 It's all about having the right mindset!

In Year 5, we have completed a lot of work on Growth mindset.  We celebrate mistakes with our children because we know that when we make mistakes, we are learning! If we never made a mistake, we couldn't have learned anything....we must have already known what to do! We are continually looking for ways in which Year 5 have shown a growth mindset (for example: showing resilience in their work when it feels tough, battling through corrections to prove we have learned from our mistakes) and we award Dojo points for it.