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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!


Summer 2

This half term, Year 4 will be looking at a region of Europe - the Mediterranean. Here we will be looking at how both the physical and human features of the countries and cities around this region are different from our own local area. We will be conducting map work, identifying countries and creating some persuasive writing about the areas we will be studying. In science, we will be learning all about sound and how we are able to hear. Sports Day is coming up and so Year 4 will be back doing athletics in PE along with some orienteering which will get our brains exercising too!

Picture 1 Roald Dahl Day
Picture 2 Roald Dahl Day
Picture 3 Roald Dahl Day
Picture 4 Roald Dahl Day
Picture 5 Roald Dahl Day
Picture 6 Roald Dahl Day
Picture 7 Roald Dahl Day
Picture 8 Roald Dahl Day

Summer 2 Curriculum Map - Passport to Europe

Curriculum Map Summer 1 -What the Romans did for us!

Curriculum Map for Spring 2 - Rock N' Roll

Curriculum Map for Spring 1 - Sparks Might Fly!

Autumn 2 Curriculum Map 'The Great Plague'