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Year 5 Class Worship - 31.01.2012

Today it was Year 5's class worship, which focussed
on the theme of 'Encouragement'. 
We chose this topic because it is part of our 'SEAL' theme for this term which is 'Getting on and Falling Out'. 

We thought about what encouragement is and the ways
in which people encourage us. 
This could be anything from kind words, cards 
and even just a friendly smile! 

We also thought of how we could be an encouragement to others
through our words and actions. 
Maybe we could be an encouraging class!?

The children displayed great confidence, using clear voices to convey their message to the whole school and their visitors. 

Many of the children were so pleased and proud of themselves after the assembly so well done Year 5!

Many thanks to our visitors for joining our assembly -
we really appreciated it!