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Year 1


We always have lots of fun in Year 1 and try to link most of our subjects together into one exciting topic!

Our current topic is 'Chicks' followed by 'Captivating Coppull'! We have 6 chicks currently living in Year 1 called Chicken Licken, Fluffy, Feathers, Rosie, Henny Penny and Toffee!



Please see below for photos of our learning and any additional information about our curriculum:

Picture 1 Enjoying our yoga session!
Picture 2 Moulding Diwa lamps from clay!
Picture 3 Indian Dancing!
Picture 4 Diwa lamps from clay
Picture 5 Happy Diwali Cards
Picture 6 Firework Picture with 2D shapes!
Picture 7 Observational 'drawing' of a fruit using 2paint
Picture 8 Working hard at our Phonics table!
Picture 9 Learning to safely use sharp knives to cut fruit!
Picture 10 Buying and selling fruit salad during Maths Week!
Picture 11 Fruit Pictograms during Maths Week
Picture 12 The Great Fire of London display
Picture 13 KS1 enjoying a visiting poet!
Picture 14 KS1 Book Swap!
Picture 15 Enjoying our Australian Christmas Party
Picture 16 'Lamington' for our party made by the Crook Family
Picture 17 KS1 Book Swap!
Picture 18 KS1 Book Swap!
Picture 19 KS1 Book Swap!
Picture 20 KS1 Book Swap!
Picture 21 KS1 Book Swap!
Picture 22 SPRING!
Picture 23 KS1 Book Swap!
Picture 24 KS1 Book Swap!
Picture 25 Y1 'Story Heads'!
Picture 26 Y1 'Story Heads'!
Picture 27 Y1 'Story Heads'!
Picture 28 AUTUMN!
Picture 29 Y1 'Story Heads'!
Picture 30 Y1 'Story Heads'!
Picture 31 WINTER!
Picture 32 SUMMER!
Picture 33 Mr Lean the explorer!
Picture 34 Mr Lean teaching us how to roll up a sleeping bag!
Picture 35 Mr Lean the explorer!
Picture 36 Working hard making the 100 grid jigsaw!
Picture 37 Y1 Peace Display in the Entrance Hall
Picture 38 Orbit of the Earth and Moon around Sun
Picture 39 Making trees with the correct leaf shape!
Picture 40 Walk down to Birkacre
Picture 41 The girls enjoying exploring the outdoors!
Picture 42 Peek-a-boo!
Picture 43 Peek-a-boo!
Picture 44 Exploring Birkacre
Picture 45 Leaf Identification!
Picture 46 Leaf Identification!
Picture 47 Alice In Wonderland Day
Picture 48 Alice In Wonderland Day
Picture 49 Alice In Wonderland Day
Picture 50 Alice In Wonderland Day
Picture 51 Alice In Wonderland Day
Picture 52 Alice In Wonderland Day
Picture 53 Happy Diwali from Year 1
Picture 54
Picture 55 Ordering numbers in the Maths Area!
Picture 56 Labelling parts of the body!
Picture 57 Cats Protection Visitors
Picture 58 Sidney the budgie!
Picture 59 Guide Dog Visit

Indian Dancing in action!

Still image for this video

Firework Dance!

Still image for this video