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Y5 Forest School during the Partial Eclipse

In the photos, you will see Miss Codd, with the help of Miss Fairhurst, trying to set up apparatus to view the solar eclipse without looking at the sun. We got some images of the eclipse on the large white screen, and Mrs. Lock had some card and a piece of paper with a small hole in which also showed a shadow of the sun with a piece cut out, where the moon was passing in front of it.
Just as the children were arriving along walked our local author-Dom. He had a very large lens for his camera which gave us a clear, but tiny, picture of the solar eclipse. He kindly stopped so all the children could see.
We also took photos of the sun-with our eyes closed, but the camera didn’t capture the eclipse.
In the photos, you will find children playing safety games, using tools and string to make bows and arrows, medallions and things to take home. Lizzy and Isabelle helped to keep their den strong using some clever knots, and Oliver was skilled at lashing two pieces of wood together.
As well as improving their dens, the children had fun covering themselves up with leaves, making mud paint for camouflage, and to decorate flags, climbing trees and mud sliding.