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Y3 start Forest School

We packed a lot into our first morning at forest school. Learning rules was important.
1. Respect Nature 2. Don't go outside the boundary 3. Don't put your fingers in your mouth.

We had a jigsaw hunt. One piece was missing until 11:30PM! Well done Mr. Hedges for finding it!
Between us we made lots of different things. Leaf prints, medallions, bows and arrows, and a mud slide. Look at the photograps incase I've missed anything. We started den building and spent a lot of time decorating it; the decoration included a bird swing.

We also had lots of fun pulling up an invasive plant-Himalayan Balsam. Because this is not a native plant, and it grows very fast, it prevents a lot of native plants (that insects such as butterflies need for feeding their caterpillars) from growing. Naieli put it perfectly "We've helped the forest to grow." We've also helped the wardens as this is one of their jobs.

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