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Who lives in an egg like this?

Dinosaur Discovery at Coppull Parish Church School


On Monday 20th September at around 9:20am Reception class and Year One made a fantastic discovery! On our school grounds was a nest and in the nest sat a giant egg! We spent time exploring what types of animals lay eggs and were desperate to find out what or who owned the magnificent egg. After exchanging letters, notes and clues with a mystery animal we eventually discovered that we have a Dinosaur egg and nest at school!

We have done lots of exciting activities linked to our brilliant discovery such as, making our own giant eggs, counting, sorting and grouping eggs, learning about animals who lay eggs, how different animals look after their eggs and babies. We have also explored nests and watched some animals in their nests, feeding their young. We've even seen a chick hatch from it's egg! We have also been out and about collecting materials that nests are typically built from and we are in the process of building our own class nest for our eggs to sit in. We learnt that some animals weave the materials together so we have been doing some weaving too. We've even made our very own chocolate nests!

Learning is so much fun.


Please keep visiting our website. I hope to update it as often as possible with all the exciting things that Reception class have been doing.