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Visit to World Museum Liverpool - 31.01.2011

On Monday 31st January, Year 5 were very lucky to go to the World Museum in Liverpool. 

We learnt alot of new information about bugs, starfish, fossils and even Samurai warriors to name a few! 

It was a wonderful and exciting place to visit and we all really enjoyed it.
Picture 1 Learning about adaptation
Picture 2 Finding out more about rockpool life
Picture 3 Handling session
Picture 4 Which fish could we spot?
Picture 5 Pretending to be Anglo-Saxons
Picture 6 What exciting information can we find?
Picture 7 Introducing the statues
Picture 8 Learning about the Egyptians
Picture 9 Admiring the papyrus
Picture 10 Attack!
Picture 11 Alfie did a grand job as groom to the warrior
Picture 12 Meeting the Samurai warrior
Picture 13 Scary bug!
Picture 14 What spider? Argh!
Picture 15 The amazing leaf-cutter ants
Picture 16 Beautiful butterflies