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Visit to Samlesbury Hall - 26.11.2012

On Monday 26th November, Year 6 went to Samlesbury Hall to look how some Tudors lived. 
A lady called Mistress Marjorie took us round.

Mistress Marjorie told us that she was stuck in time. 
She said that she had had four husbands and her last one, Lord Southwick, is currently in prison. Then we went upstairs and she told us some ghost stories.

After we had our lunch in the chapel, we completed drawings of shields and gargoyles.  When we had finished out drawings, it was time to go to the shop.  There was Tudor money and many other items to buy. Them we got on the coach back to school.

We really had a great time at Samlesbury Hall
as the lady made it so much fun for us.

By Lydia