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The Naughty Bus

We have based all of our recent learning around a book called, The Naughty Bus and it has been so much fun. We started off by learning all about Toys, because the Naughty Bus was a toy. We brought in our favourite toys, we became them and acted like them, we drew them and wrote about them, we built Toy Town, where the Naughty Bus lives and we prented to be some of the other toys from the book too! The Naughty Bus was so naughty that one day he came to school and ruined out outdoor area! So we set up our very own Police Station to write reports in, we took cameras out and filmed the crime scene, we interviewed people, we emailed PC Toy Town and she got straight on to the case, with our help of course!


In the story the Naughty bus falls in a pond so we went on to learn all about pond life and water safety. We also solved problems when we had to rescue our own Naughty Bus from things such as ice, water, jelly and a spiders web. We generated lots of fantastic ideas of how we could save the bus then we tried these ideas out.


Finally we learnt that the Naughty Bus had ventured out into space and was terrorising Aliens. We recieved letters from the aliens so we wrote back with lots of questions for them. We came up with lots of brilliant questions that we wanted to know about space, such as, 'Why do stars twinkle?' and 'What makes the rings around Saturn spin?'. The aliens wrote back and answered our questions which was amazing. We decided we liked the aliens and that we wanted to rescue them so we made lots of rockets to get us into space.


We loved learning all about the Naughty Bus!