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STEM Challenges - 08.03.2012

Over the past three weeks, Year 5 been very lucky to have
Mr Bolam, a teacher from Southlands High School,
to come and work with us in class.

Mr Bolam has been working with us on STEM challenges, which use our knowledge of science, technology, engineering and maths. 

So far we have completed three different challenges.


STEM Challenge 1

Create a marble run using only four sheets
of card and sellotape.
The longest travel time wins!
STEM Challenge 2
Build a lighthouse using twenty sheets of A4 paper,
a piece of dowel, bulb
and bulb holder, wire and sellotape.
The tallest structure wins!

STEM Challenge 3
Make a bridge using only six sheets of card, twelve plastic straws, a length of string and sellotape.
The bridge that holds the most weight wins!

Through completing these challenges, we have really had to work on our skills of teamwork, communication, problem solving and most of all perseverance!

We have really enjoyed completing these STEM activites and are looking forward to the next challenge!