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St Michael's High School Visit - 25.06.2012

On Monday 25th June, Year 5 went to St Michael's High School for a session of Design Technology. 
Half of the class were making a key fob, and the other half were doing some food technology.

Our group were going to make an acrylic key fob.  First we had to design our work on a piece of paper and then decide which design we wanted to create. Next we had to input our favourite design into the computer using a CAD program (Computer Aided Design).  We had to choose a colour for our fob and most people chose smart, neon colours.  In our next session we will be making our fob using the laser cutter and buffing machine.
By Cameron & Joshua H

Our group went to high school to try food technology.  We made chocolate truffles and we all had a brilliant time! All of the food technology group agreeed that it was great and that they literally had a taster of high school!
By Ellie Y and Georgia