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Speeding Motorists Beware... - 30.01.2013

On Wednesday 30th January groups of year 6 children
went out to Chapel Lane with some members of
Coppull Police to catch people that were speeding.
We were doing this to try and keep the community safe.

Whilst we were out, we used the speed gun to see if they were speeding or not. When someone got pulled over, one of the police men told them to go over to where the Year 6 were standing and to answer a couple of quick questions or they would get a fine.

Here are the 5 questions
1.   Why are you speeding?
2.   Do you realise you are risking yours and other peoples lives?
3.   Was the place you were going more important than really hurting or even killing them?
4.   Would you like to tell my parents that you knocked me over because of speeding?
5.   What is more important - my life or the place where you are going?
The police reckon there were more women speeding than men.
Some of the drivers did not know that the area was a 20 zone, so people do need to be more aware.
We thought that it would make more of an impact if we asked the drivers questions rather than issuing them with a fine.

We all really enjoyed going out with the police and we wish we could do it again.
By Cameron and Nathan