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Our Creative Curriculum - Breaking News...

At Coppull Parish we are very proud of our creative curriculum and in Reception Class it means that we can make learning even more fun!


Giant Nest and Eggs Found at Coppull Parish Church School!

We have recently discovered a giant nest including some huge eggs in our outdoor garden area and have been exploring lots of different animals that lay eggs in order to try and find out what has made the nest. The children have been enjoying recieving notes and letters from the mystery creature and we've been responding to these notes each day. This has obviously been a major talking point so we've been able to do lots of speaking and listening activities, mark making, painting, drawing, printing, reading, writing and the children's investigation skills have been put to the test.

Will we discover what the mystery creature is at Coppull Parish Church School?


Dinosaur Eggs found at School

It has been an exciting week and we have finally found out that the giant nest and eggs belong to a dinosaur! What will we discover next? Reception Class are set for an exciting half term.