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National Poetry Day- Read our poems!- 02/10/2014

Firstly, we were visited by Dom Conlon- a poet/ author who has written the book Tiny the Giant. We read it in class and loved it!


Secondly, we wrote senses poems about our memories of various things. They are going to be entered in to a competition. Here are some examples:

My First day at School by Megan

I saw my new teacher, she was beautiful.
I held my friends hands and played with them.
I smelled my first school dinner!

Halloween by Faye

I saw pumpkins in windows
I heard laughter in the streets
I tasted the good food
I smelled lots of sweets
I touched my bucket and off I went.

Halloween by Tara

I saw a pumpkin lit up in a window
I heard children giggling
I tasted Halloween sweets- delicious!
I smelled the sweet, dark air
I felt a bag full of lovely treats
I had fun!

My First football match by James T

I saw a green football pitch
I heard people chanting loudly
I tasted a big hot dog
I touched a football!

Autumn Time by Ruby

I heard leaves crunching
I smelled fresh open air
I tasted warm hot chocolate
I felt wet leaves falling
I see spikey green conkers.

Christmas by Paige

Christmas pudding
Red decorations
Incredible presents
Time off school
A carrot for Rudolph
Sound of bells

In the afternoon we decided we wanted to learn the poem we're going on a bear hunt by Michael Rosen off by heart and used the Ipads to create trailers for our poem. You can watch the trailer on our class page. Everyone's will be uploaded eventually!