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Magical Potions

In year 4 we are reading the book George's Marvellous Medicine. George creates some fantastic potions in the story that have magical effects on the characters. We thought we would create our own magical potions.

Fortune Telling Potion.
We washed our hands and were given cups of lemonade. Mrs Preston came around the classroom and gave us magic fairy dust (magic popping candy) whilst Miss Grimes dropped a grape in our lemonade. We had to use our tasty wands to stir the grape and lemonade quickly. After stirring the lemonade turned a different colour. We then matched  the colour the lemonade turned up to our fortune. For example, purple meant we were going to be royalty, blue meant we were going to be a celebrity, green meant we were going to be rich, red meant we were going to be very intelligent and pink meant we were going to travel the world. We then had to drink the potion, eat the grape and wand to ensure our fortunes came true!

If you would like to make the fortune teller's potion for someone else follow these simple steps.

You will need:
  • Plastic cups
  • Tasty wands (licorice sticks)
  • Dark grapes
  • Food colouring
  • Lemonade
  • Magical popping candy

Firstly, you will need to coat the grapes with food colouring, do this before the person arrives to drink the potion. When the person arrives give them a plastic cup and tell them to inspect it to make sure nothing is in their that could magically affect the lemonade. Next, pour the lemonade in to the cup and give them a tasty wand. If you have a helper, ask them to offer the person magic fairy dust (magic popping candy) whilst they are eating the candy drop the grape in to the cup not giving the person chance to notice any food colouring on the grape. Ask the person to stir the potion up quickly. Look closely, what colour does it turn? Inform  the person what their fortune holds and tell them if they want it to come true they must drink the potion and eat the wand and grape.