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How this painting has inspired our learning.

  • We began by looking at the painting and asking questions about it.
  • We took a section each and copied it in pastels.
  • We noticed it was a market scene in London. We found out it was painted in 1963.
  • We learned about the money, weights and measures used in those days.
  • We noticed there were no adverts in the market, so we made adverts for some of the goods sold. We noticed too that the shoppers brought their own bags and the stall owners tipped loose fruit straight into the bags. There was much less packaging, which got us thinking about all the rubbish we have to take home and throw out when we've been shopping. So Miss Codd asked Anna the artist (from Creative Partnerships) to help us make something new from rubbish. The day she came to our class was described by some as 'The Best Day Ever'. We made giant Journey Sticks.
  • We advertised for fruit and flowers and considered the beauty and deliciousness of both, which we expressed in poetry.
  • We learned about the life cycles of these flowering plants. We made models of flowers to help us understand their life cycles.


These are just a few of the follow up activities inspired by the picture. More photos to follow soon.

During Health Week, we tasted seven varieties of bread. We had to rank them in order of favourite to least favourite. It was tricky, but we enjoyed every minute. Yum.
We will be making graphs of our findings soon.