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Health Week 2011 - 04.07.2011-08.07.2011

Coppull Parish have been celebrating everything healthy
as we held our annual Health Week this week in school.

This has included completing daily exercise, individual health diaries, creating posters and bread tasting.
In Year 5 we have been learning about healthy eating and what makes a balanced diet. 
We discussed about the different food groups and what nutrients various foods provide. 
We then produced some colourful posters which are to be displayed in the school dinner hall to inform children at school about the benefits of choosing healthy options for their lunch. 

In connection with out Pirate topic, we focussed on the disease scurvy and how in 1747 a Scottish doctor discovered the cause of scurvy and also the cure for it. What a clever man!

We hope you're all eating enough citrus fruits to keep scurvy at bay!

On Friday we were very lucky to be given a selection of different breads to taste thanks to Morris's Bakery, Coppull. 

We tasted breads such as tiger bread, paninis, fruit bread and granary rolls.
It was too hard to choose our favourite!  They were all mmn mmn delicious!

We've all had such a great week in school!