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General Information and Reminders

Handy little reminders

Home books
In Reception class we like to keep you in the know and one way of doing this is to send home a little note each week in your child's yellow Home book. This will include details of what we've been learning about that week and will often suggest some little activities you can do at home to support the learning your child has done at school.  

Reading books
Your child will recieve two reading books a week. Please try to read with your child once a day, little and often is the key. Please record any reading in your child's reading record book. 

Book bags
Your child's book bag should come into school every Thursday morning with their two reading books, their reading record and their Home book. We will send their book bags home again every Friday.

Your child will have PE on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Please ensure that their PE kit is named (including their pumps) and always in school. It is very common for children to quickly out grow their pumps at this age so although the Reception Class team will inform you if we find that your child's pumps no longer fit, it is worth bearing this in mind and to perhaps come and check every now and again that their PE kit is still the correct size. We tend to send PE kits home every half term. It is very important that your child is able to dress and undress themselves for PE, if you know your child struggles with this then please support them at home in becoming more independant by allowing them to dress and undress themselves.

Dinner Money
If your child has school dinners then the money should be sent in a named envelope on the Friday of the week before.

Friday Favourites
If your child has packed lunches but would like to try a school dinner either as a one off or every Friday then they can. The cooks in our school kitchen offer Friday Favourites where you can send £2 in a named envelope on a Friday morning and this will mean that your child can have a school dinner on that Friday!

If you would like your child to have toast in the mornings then please send their toast money in a named envelope every Monday morning. Toast is 20p a day and Reception children are limited to one slice, this is to prevent them from becoming too full for their lunch. If you wish your child to only have toast on certain days then please state which days on the envelope. Don't worry if you don't have the correct change. We will send any change home with your child.  

Lost Property
We have two lost property areas within school. One is situated in the corridor outside the Reception and Year One classroom and the other one is usually near the main entrance of the school. If your child looses any items of clothing at school then they can often be found in these lost property areas. More often than not if your child's name is in their clothes then they will not end up in the lost property areas as they can be easily returned to your child in their classroom.