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Forest School: Was it stew or was it soup? It was stewp!

We were set the challenge to make some food flavoured with wild garlic and nettles.
Some children collected wood for the fire. Mrs Lock took a group out to find garlic flower buds. You must never eat wild plants unless you are certain you can identify the species and you know they are edible. Mr Hedges and Holly collected nettles. Kailey washed and prepared the nettles, and no-one got stung!
We had potatoes, parsnips, carrots, onions and leeks. We peeled and grated the carrots and parsnips, crushed the garlic buds and diced the potatoes and leeks. Oliver and Bryony helped Mrs Cross to start the fire and the ingredients (incuding washed nettles) were boiled in water over the flames. Lots of us throughly enjoyed the 'stewp' and had seconds.
Meanwhile a group improved their den, complete with mud slide and a welcoming sign at the entrance.
We ended the morning with a raw garlic-bud eating challenge.