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We believe that all children are entitled to a broad and balanced curriculum which is interesting, engaging and provides a range of learning opportunities that help
develop children’s life-long love of learning.
In essence, the Creative Curriculum aims to:
  • Increase children’s motivation, enthusiasm and engagement in their learning by making learning meaningful through putting it into a context
  • Support the raising of standards in both teaching and learning
  • Help children to become more independent and take greater ownership of their learning, developing their confidence and motivation to learn through the use of a range of teaching and learning styles.
  • Establish strong cross curricular links to ensure a broader understanding
  • Create and maintain an exciting and stimulating learning environment, including Whole school and Key Stage “theme weeks” which involve further enrichment activities.
  • Provide opportunities to apply knowledge and learning in practical ways and to solve problems in a variety of situations
  • Provide enrichment opportunities where learning and teaching can take place beyond the classroom
  • Give opportunity for a flexible timetabling approach to make space for true depth of study.
    The Creative Curriculum has been organised into integrated topics and links have been made to other curricular areas within the topic and curricular focus.
    The use of ICT is encouraged in all topic areas as a subject in its own right and in both the teaching of the topic and in the opportunities for children’s independent learning.
    Each class teacher is responsible for the delivery of the curriculum through a ‘topic based approach which incorporates key skills. Although links can be made with all subjects,Numeracy, Literacy, RE, PE & Swimming and MFL are taught as discrete learning areas.
    Further specific information on the curriculum is within the class pages