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Celebrating the European Day of Languages - 26.09.2011

On Monday 26th September Year 5 went on a trip to a Polish shop in Chorley.    Mrs Preston, Mrs Wingate, Mrs Smith and Miss Sharrock all came to visit the K&M Deli on Market Street.  We went to the Polish shop to celebrate the European Day of Languages. It was brilliant and everyone that went wanted to stay.


It was a great amount of fun, despite us not being allowed to eat in the shop. In the deli they were selling all sorts of different foods. Even though there were some weird foods, it was like food heaven with sweets galore! All the foods were a bit like you could find in Tesco such as soups, chocolate, sweets, and all sorts of other things.


Our trip there was amazing, but when we got back we had many different Polish foods to try in class.  We tasted pierogi, which are Polish dumplings and some horrible barszcz (beetroot) soup which was far too salty! 


We all had a fantastic day celebrating all things Polish!

By Cameron and Kai