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Autumn Classroom Displays - 16.10.2012

Here are some of the wonderful displays that
we have created in our classroom during the Autumn Term. 

We hope you like them!
Picture 1 Summer Homework Task Projects
Picture 2 Kathryn's Project
Picture 3 People Projects
Picture 4 Holly's Project
Picture 5 Tudor Display
Picture 6 Tudor Writing & Coins
Picture 7 Coats of Arms
Picture 8 Tudor Portraits
Picture 9 Worship Table
Picture 10 Synonym Spiders
Picture 11 FBA is starting soon!
Picture 12 Esio Trot Day
Picture 13 Esio Trot Day
Picture 14 Esio Trot Day
Picture 15 Esio Trot Day
Picture 16 Thoughtful Flowers